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Trade statistics are collected and automatically broken down into dozens of detailed analytics.

This allows you to:

  • Get a clear view of the factors affecting your results;
  • Draw conclusions for improving your trading strategy;
  • Include and exclude factors in order to thoroughly and precisely develop your strategy.

The service brings together everything you need for a high-quality overview of your trading activity:

Important benchmarks, charts, graphs of various relationships, spreadsheets, and more.

Our service has been developed over a six year period. It is a unique and specialized resource for traders who want to closely monitor their trading activity.

The tools offered by this service allow you to conveniently perform accurate and in-depth analysis of your trading and to calculate all of the factors (overt or hidden) that influence your final financial results.

Our achievements:


2112 people are working
on their results each day


We have a total of 156 partners, including Finam, Orkritie and IT Invest

We’ve created

More than 32 charts, 46 diagrams, 21 spreadsheets, and 37 digital indicators, broken down into six
analytical categories


We can import statements
from 47 brokers and 40
different trading platforms
for the most popular exchanges


We can be reached through a variety of contact methods
(online chat, telephone,
Skype, e-mail)


Our service is located on our
own high-end servers,
ensuring reliable access


We save time of our clients by importing brokerage statements and creating a visual representation of their trades


We have a positive
feedback from our users

Key concepts:

Trade details

We represent trading history as trades. Each trade consists of 2 or mode orders and has input and output parameters. Trades can be grouped, filtered and sorted.

Based on trades, our service:

  • Calculates the main trading indicators.
  • Looks for repeating trading patterns and how they interrelate with the results are clearly broken down into different sections.


For each analytics group smart filters are available.

By using filters you can:

  • Get a detailed overview of each negative or positive section of trading separately or in combination with others.
  • Exclude any section from your total trading and see how it
    changes your overall results.

* Section of trading – method of entry, strategy, signal used, time
during trading day, drawdown below a specified level, day of the week,
climate, etc. (many are configurable)

Adding trades

Trades can be:

  • Imported form brokerage statement.
  • Added with built-in editor.

What the service consists of:

What the service is useful for:


By excluding negative results from your trading and by reinforcing what works, you can improve your material expectations, profitability and earnings.


The time spent on adding trades and doing a daily analysis develops a trader’s most important qualities: discipline and self-control.

your business

It provides smart analysis, maximum information, and quick adoption of what you need for success. Businesses today cannot allow things to get out of control.


This helps a trader understand the path that he or she has taken, analyze it, and understand his/her feelings, desires, and fears. It keeps your thoughts in order, calms your nerves, and safeguards the information that you need.

Keep your trading
under control

It provides the ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances. The service allows you to detect where your system is starting to fail and which aspects of the dynamic are becoming worse.


The service helps fine-tune strategies through testing on historical data. It allows you to identify undesirable interrelationships and to correct these parameters.

Do not repeat

Fixing a mistake by allowing you to remember it and not repeat it. Application tools provided include comments, ratings, screenshots, and the ability to choose only erroneous trades.

How it
all works

When trading, it is important to have a basic idea of how everything is arranged. It includes tools for evaluating your profitability, drawdowns, important factors, statistical approaches, and money-management strategies. The service allows you to see all of this in a visual representation.


You’ll gain the experience that you need to be on top of everything you do. Get informed results, not random ones, and reach your maximum potential.

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